Hi, my name is Kenyatta Jefferson, nice to meet you.

Born a Brooklyn native, I started off college as a marketing major. I wanted to figure out how I would be able to "sell" my ideas to the world. But deep down inside, I knew that I couldn't let my passion for art die.After stumbling upon a jewelry design class trying to fill in my electives, I became fascinated with the fabrication of jewelry and any process that was connected. I loved the way I could express my ideas using in a different media, like metal. 

With goals of becoming a jewelry designer, I busied myself with art and metal-smithing classes to build a portfolio. Earning my Associates in Studio Arts (A.A.S) Degree from Lehigh Carbon University. The next step was to apply to the Fashion Institute of Technology NYC where I planned to continue my studies. In 2011, I got accepted to the institute but choice to put my goals of metal-smithing on hold and give time to my personal life. This is when I had the time and opportunity to learn all about graphic and web design. Studying online classes, I earned my certification in Adobe Creative Suite and (etc.) 

Currently, I reside in Westchester, NY practicing freelance graphic design and completing my degree in Computer Science–Information & Technology (IT) at Pace University. I still create jewelry and accessories that promoting good vibes, motivation, and inspiration.

You can visit my jewelry and accessory page by clicking here. Interested in my professional background? View my resume using this button.


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