About Kenyatta

squarespace Web Designer, & creator


Hi, my name is Kenyatta, nice to meet you.

Born a Brooklyn native, I started off college as a marketing major. I wanted to figure out how I would be able to "sell" my ideas to the world. But deep down inside, I knew that I couldn't let my passion for art die. After stumbling upon a jewelry design class trying to fill in my electives, I became fascinated with the fabrication of jewelry and any process that was connected. I loved the way I could express my ideas with new media, like metal. 

My goals were to become a jewelry designer, I busied myself with art and metal-smithing classes to build a portfolio. Earning my Associates in Studio Arts (A.A.S) Degree from Lehigh Carbon University. The next step was to apply to the Fashion Institute of Technology NYC where I planned to continue my studies. In 2011, I got accepted to the institute but chose to put my goals of metal-smithing on hold and give time to my personal life. This is when I had the time and opportunity to learn all about graphic and web design. Studying online classes, I earned my certification in Adobe Creative Suite and Web Design services. 

Currently, I reside in Westchester, NY practicing freelance graphic design and completing my degree in Information & Technology with a focus on Web and Digital Media at Pace University. I still create jewelry and accessories that promoting good vibes, motivation, and inspiration.